CDP-X77ES + CDP-X339ES Side Panels

I will explain my opinion about this CD player, I'm a fan of vintage ES equipment. The first part I bought recently at 93 was the sony str-gx909es receiver and I have added TAN55 and TAN110amps with the CDP608esd CD player. I am interested in another vintage cd player because my property has been fixed several times and even though it still works, it will be skipped if I hardly touch it.

All my ES players are quite good in sound quality. The C79ES changer was a surprise as it sounds quite nice, very warm and smooth, but maybe not as detailed as my other ones. The X339ES sounds great too, a little more detailed than the C79ES. I did upgrade the opamps and line capacitors. My CDP-X77ES sounds the best as far as detail and resolution provided it is mated with a good preamp and speakers or headphones. I've also had a CDP-X55ES which sounded great too. Hard to go wrong with any higher end ES player.

Look for a Sony CD Player with the BU-1 / KSS-190A transport. The brushless motor and all metal spindle alone is worth it. I bought a 608ESD old deadstock recently and it gave me nothing but problems after 2 months of trouble-free use. I finally dumped it and went for an older 707ESD, the build quality is way better and sounds smoother with much less fatigue. I would go as far to say even my past entry level 507ESD sounded more airy than the 608ESD.

I will tell you when they remove the rosewood side panels? Especially for CD changers? They were phased out for the 1995 model year, so late in 1994, Rosewood was getting scarce. Too bad, I always loved the rosewood sides

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CDP-X77ES + CDP-X339ES Side Panels CDP-X77ES + CDP-X339ES Side Panels Reviewed by on January 25, 2019 Rating: 5
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