How to clean computer screen

the ingredients needed to clean the computer screen are as follows
first distilled water
second white vinegar water
Tools needed include
Microfiber cloth (or cotton cloth)
a small size spray bottle
Glasses cleaning cloth, don't use tissues and the like
#How to clean computer screen #Tips Computer

how to sell

1. First in an empty spray bottle, mix the solution with distilled water and white vinegar with the same dose. You can use half a cup each or a small glass.
#How to clean computer screen #Tips Computer

2. Next step spray the solution onto microfiber cloth (or old cotton shirt). Please note Do not use paper towels, toilet paper, or similar tissue to clean your screen because these products can cause scratching your monitor. use safe material.

3. Finally, start sweeping the screen slowly, small circular movements until you finish the entire surface of your monitor screen. Repeat this step with the glasses until it is completely clean.
#How to clean computer screen #Tips Computer

4. Use the solution as above to clean other stains on the computer.
may be useful how to clean computer screen

You're ready! No more distractions, goodbye stained or stubborn stains!

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